Are Metabo tools made in Japan?

Are Metabo tools made in Japan?

So, the head office for both tool companies is still in Japan and is now called Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. Metabo continues to be based in Germany and is run as its own entity with its own product line.2018-10-28

Is HiKOKI the same as Hitachi?

a well-known manufacturer of power tools and life-science equipment, will change its corporate name to Koki Holdings Co. Ltd. and will re-brand its full line of power tools known as HITACHI and/or Hitachi Koki under the new name HiKOKI (pronounced “hai-koh-key”).2018-10-05

Is Metabo and HiKOKI the same?

So what’s the result, HiKOKI becomes the name in Europe, Asia and other markets while the same tools get the name Metabo HPT in North America…2018-01-09

Why did Hitachi change to HiKOKI?

Hitachi Koki announces brand name change to “HiKOKI” The re‐branding reflects the Company’s commitment to further expansion as a global brand.

Where are Metabo tools manufactured?

Nürtingen, Germany

What company bought Hitachi tools?


Is HiKOKI a Metabo?

Overseas, Hitachi Koki became known as HiKoki. Here in the United States, they became Metabo HPT.2022-01-10

Is HiKOKI a Japanese brand?

As a global leader in the professional power tool industry, HiKOKI Power Tools, headquartered in Japan (formerly Hitachi Koki), has been at the forefront of product innovation and design since 1948. 2018 marks the company’s 70th anniversary.2018-11-12

Which country company is Hitachi?

Tokyo, Japan

Who make Hitachi power tools?

As you may have heard, Hitachi Koki, the parent company of Hitachi Power Tools, recently announced that it’s changing it’s name to Koki Holdings. Metabo HPT will be one of the brands Koki Holdings owns joining Metabo, Hikoki, and other companies like Tanaka.2018-03-12

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Who owns Hitachi now?

It plans to become a company specializing in IT and infrastructure maintenance in the near future. In 2019, Hitachi sold its medical imaging business to Fujifilm for US$1.7 billion. Showa Denko bought Hitachi Chemical from Hitachi and other shareholders, at US$42.97 per share.

What’s the difference between Hitachi and HiKOKI?

HiKOKI is the new brand name for Hitachi, and below we explain all! Hitachi started business back in 1948 producing 1300 different power tools and have 2500 patents globally. After 70 years manufacturing solid reliable power tools, Hitachi have changed their brand name to HiKOKI.2021-01-01

Who is Metabo made by?

Koki Holdings America Ltd

Is Metabo and Bosch the same?

Bosch has a much superior high precision equipment and lasers. They also have well-priced measuring equipment that Metabo lacks. Metabo HPT also has a wide range of products. Though they lack in the measuring equipment department, they make up for it in pneumatics.2020-12-21

Who took over Hitachi tools?

In October 2018, Metabo HPT became the new brand name for Koki Holdings America formerly part of the Hitachi group. Same tools, only with a new name in North America. For over 70 Years, we have been an innovator in the Power Tool Industry with favorites like the slide miter saw and the cordless impact driver.

Is Hitachi still a brand?

The tech giant will end production in Japan, having already outsourced overseas TV manufacturing to foreign firms two years ago. But it will continue to sell its Wooo television brand, which is made by outside contractors.2012-01-23

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Is Metabo Made in Japan?

Metabo manufactures in its factories in Nürtingen and Shanghai.

Why did Hitachi change their name to Metabo?

The reason for the name change is that they are no longer part of the large corporation known as Hitachi, which sells everything from consumer products to automotive equipment. Hitachi acquired Metabo a few years ago, and last year both brands were sold by Hitachi to KKR, a private equity firm.2018-03-12

What is the difference between Hitachi and Metabo?

In a nutshell, Metabo HPT is just a different name and nothing else. The tools are the same, the warranty is the same, the batteries are the same. Batteries like the Hitachi MultiVolt will work in Metabo HPT MultiVolt tools. Hitachi 18V batteries will work in Metabo HPT 18V tools and vice versa.2018-10-17

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