Can I use Vivint equipment without monitoring?

Can I use Vivint equipment without monitoring?

Yes, you can use Vivint equipment without monitoring. However, you cannot use the app on your phone. You can still arm and disarm the alarm, and have it set up to automate things such as a door lock or thermostat whenever you leave.13 Dec 2021

How do I access my Vivint account?

Select your user profile and confirm that the Admin toggle is on. Go to the Vivint website ( and click on Customer Login in the upper right corner. Click on Need an account? Enter your email address (this email must be the same that we have on file with your account).

Is Vivint security legit?

Vivint is a highly rated security system for those seeking professional installation. SimpliSafe is a good option for consumers looking to install their own system and save money, although it does have an option for professional installation.20 Apr 2022

How does Vivint financing work?

If you buy your Vivint equipment up front, you can get month-to-month service instead of an annual contract. If you finance the equipment, you’re locked into a Vivint contract until the devices are paid off (depending on the length of your Flex Pay terms, anywhere from 42 to 60 months).

How long does it take to pay off Vivint equipment?

three to five years

Can you trust Vivint?

There’s a reason Vivint is one of our top-recommended systems. While it costs a lot and has some work to do to improve its customers’ buying experience, it has excellent equipment and smart home compatibility. Pricing: Vivint’s proprietary equipment, monitoring, and smart home functionality all add up to quite a bit.

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How many years is a Vivint contract?

Vivint home security company contracts run from 42 to 60 months. The average for most home security system companies is around 36 months.23 Sept 2021

How does Vivint payment work?

Vivint offers month-to-month payments for people who buy their equipment outright. If you’re financing the equipment, you have a five-year contract with this home security company. Can I transfer my Vivint service? Yes, you can transfer your contract to a new person for a $99 transfer fee.17 Feb 2022

How do you get out of a Vivint contract?

To cancel your contract, you will need to give Vivint customer service a call at +1-800-216-5232, ext. 5020. They will walk you through the process. Other sites say that you can email or live-chat with Vivint to cancel your security system contract, but that isn’t what Vivint recommends.23 Sept 2021

How do I cancel my Vivint account without paying?

No, to cancel your agreement with Vivint, you’ll need to call the security company and its customer service department at +1-800-216-5232, ext. 5020.

Why can’t I log into my Vivint account?

If you can’t log in, there’s something wrong with your email or password. Request a password reset by clicking the link on the sign-in screen.

How do you pay for Vivint?

Customers can enter a payment method from their online account and opt in for automatic payments. If for any reason a customer needs to opt out of automatic payments, the customer will need to contact our Customer Solutions team via chat, email, or phone call to verify the change on the account.

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Can you cancel Vivint after paying off equipment?

You can cancel Vivint without penalty within three days after you get the equipment. Penalty-free cancelations are also possible under special circumstances: When the user dies. After filing for bankruptcy.

Can you get out of a Vivint contract?

Can you get out of a Vivint contract? It might be a challenge, but you can get out of a Vivint contract. Vivint security will review your situation, and in the case of an extenuating circumstance, it will let you out of your security system contract for free.

How can I cancel Vivint without penalty?

There isn’t a Vivint early termination fee, but Vivint is kind of secretive about what other fees it requires from you before it sets you free. A Vivint cancellation customer service representative told us that, in most cases, you’ll need to pay off the remaining balance on your contract.

Does Vivint run your credit?

Vivint checks your credit score if you’re using the FlexPay financing option for equipment costs. If you’re purchasing your equipment upfront, then it doesn’t need to pull your credit. Pro Tip: If you don’t want a security company seeing your credit, take a look at the best no credit check security systems.17 Feb 2022

Who finances Vivint equipment?

In addition to partnering with Vivint Smart Home on this innovative financing plan, Citizens Bank is one of the leading lenders to companies in the security service and smart home industry with a dedicated team of Security Finance Group bankers.4 Jan 2017

Do you have to pay for Vivint equipment?

Yes, you pay for Vivint equipment. The company allows consumers to customize the equipment they decide to include, giving you control over the costs. You can also finance the purchase of your Vivint equipment. If you sign a five-year contract, you do not have to pay for the equipment costs upfront.

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