How much do audio book narrators get paid?

How much do audio book narrators get paid?

Veteran or experienced narrators can expect to earn $168.25 per hour or $1,346 for a finished audio book of eight hours. Conversely, non-union narrators with experience may earn between $90 and $250 per finished hour. However, it is more typical for the ceiling to be $150 per hour for a non-union narrator.

Who is the most popular audiobook narrator?

Legendary actor, writer and comedian, Stephen Fry is the most beloved audiobook narrator. Just like any other audiobook listener, I have been his fan ever since I listen to his narration of the Harry Potter series!

How much can you make from an audiobook?

The average PFH rate for audiobook narrators (once they have some experience) is between $100 and $250 PFH. Just to be clear — this is NOT a “get rich quick” sort of thing. It takes effort and persistence to be really successful at it.27 Mar 2017

How much do you get paid to read a book for audible?

As a beginner reading for $85 PFH, if you devote yourself to reading full-time and can produce a finished 8-hour audiobook in 16 hours per week, you could earn around $33,000 a year working less than half of a full-time job.Dec 6, 2021

Is it profitable to make audiobooks?

Audiobooks are a profitable industry. According to a recent study conducted by Pew Research, almost 20 percent of Americans listen to audiobooks. Because the cost to convert a book into an audiobook is low, the profit margin for audiobooks is on the higher side. 2.

Can you really make money with audiobooks?

For every 10 ebooks you sell, you might sell one audiobook. Royalties are paid based on the revenue received from the purchase price, not the full retail price. You might earn $2-4 for each audiobook sold, so you can see it could take a while for the audiobook to start earning a profit.

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Does Nick Offerman read audiobooks?

The Largesse of the Sea Maiden. Random House presents the audiobook edition of The Largesse of the Sea Maiden by Denis Johnson, read by Nick Offerman, Michael Shannon, Dermot Mulroney, Will Patton, and Liev Schreiber.

How do I become a narrator for Audible?

Best audiobook narrators listView 3+ more

How much do audiobook narrators make per book?

The average PFH rate for audiobook narrators (once they have some experience) is between $100 and $250 PFH.27 Mar 2017

How much do you get paid to be an Audible reader?

How Much Does an Audiobook Narrator Make? A voice actor in a union can make about $100-$200 an hour to record an audiobook. Depending on the gig and a host of other factors, compensation will vary per person and per job.23 Mar 2022

How much do audiobook narrators make?

How Much Does an Audiobook Narrator Make? A voice actor in a union can make about $100-$200 an hour to record an audiobook. Depending on the gig and a host of other factors, compensation will vary per person and per job.

How much should I charge for audiobook narration?

For a less-known narrator, expect to pay around $50 per hour; for a skilled narrator, this fee can easily increase to $400. If you are using ACX, you should budget somewhere between $150 and $20 per finished hour of work. So, for a 6-hour long audiobook, the flat rate fee could cost up to $1500.

Can I get paid to narrate audiobooks?

The amount of money you’ll earn as an audiobook narrator will definitely depend on your experience and the publisher you work for. Some audiobook narrators get paid per hour of finished audio, but keep in mind: payment must also cover the amount of time you prepare, record, and edit your audio.

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How much money can you make selling audiobooks?

If you choose popular books that are out in the public domain and publish one each week, you can earn up to $2,500 per month or $30,000 annually in passive income, selling audiobooks. Some audiobook producers earn much more (5 figures per month), while others may earn nothing.7 Feb 2022

How much does an author make per audiobook?

A traditionally published author makes 5–20% royalties on print books, usually 25% on ebooks (though can be less), and 10–25% on audiobooks.

Can you actually make money with audiobooks?

Depending on the distribution rights granted to Audible, authors, publishers, and other Rights Holders, as well as narrators, studio professionals, and other Producers can earn royalties of up to 40%.

Does Mike Rowe narrate books?

Audiobooks narrated by Mike Rowe |

Who is the highest paid audiobook narrator?

In the US, 81-year-old actor George Guidall is considered narration’s undisputed heavyweight champion: his baritone voice has graced more than 1,300 audiobook recordings, including works by Dostoevsky, Jonathan Franzen and Stephen King.

Does Matthew McConaughey narrate his book on Audible?

The audiobook now includes an exclusive interview with Matthew McConaughey which was recorded during his book tour in 2021.

Is it hard to become an audiobook narrator?

You might not get your first choice of genre or book when starting out, but this is a career that requires patience, determination, hard work, and lots of stamina. You might also consider networking with other voice actors and learning as much as you can about the audiobook industry.

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Can anyone be an audiobook narrator?

At first, this article was titled, “5 Myths About How To Become An Audiobook Narrator.” But to be honest, the truth is anyone can become an audiobook narrator. All you need is a recording device, a book, and an ACX, Fiverr or any other voiceover platform account.

Is being an audiobook narrator hard?

Narrating an audiobook is the most challenging work you can do in voiceover. It takes myriad skills to navigate them successfully, but if you can master the 10 skills below, you’ll be successful in accomplishing a performance most audiobook listeners take for granted.

Do authors get royalties from audiobooks?

Unfortunately, it’s wrong! Audible never pays authors the stated “royalty” rate. Instead, they base the “royalty” on “Net Sales,” a number so heavily manipulated by Audible, that these “Net Sales” adjustments amount to a 50% deduction from the retail selling price.Feb 8, 2021

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