Is Documentum cloud based?

Is Documentum cloud based?

Cloud ready Run Documentum anywhere using cloud-native technologies that vastly simplify deployments and upgrades to introduce new features quickly. Available as a fully managed or cloud-based service and includes automated orchestration to support deployment to any cloud infrastructure.

What is Documentum API?

In principle, the term Documentum REST API refers to a web interface introduced with Documentum 7 that allows access to objects and functions of OpenText Documentum. This is based on Spring-Boot, is delivered as a WAR file and must be installed on an application server e.g. Apache Tomcat.2018-08-02

What is repository in Documentum?

A repository is where persistent objects managed by Content Server are stored. A repository stores the object metadata and sometimes content. A Documentum installation can have multiple repositories.2011-12-28

What is Webtop Documentum?

EMC Documentum Webtop is a browser-based interface that provides access to the EMC Documentum repository and content management services. Webtop delivers: Browser interface Quickly deploy Webtop with an easy-to-use, folder-based interface and minimal training.2019-12-27

What is DFC in Documentum?

Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC) is an object oriented application programming interface (API) and framework for accessing, customizing, and extending Documentum functionality. DFC includes. A set of interfaces and implementation classes.2010-04-15

Is Documentum a SAAS?

Moving to the cloud can involve two types of platforms: Software as a Service (SAAS) a providers’ ECM cloud environment where the provider offers software and infrastructure maintenance. e.g., FileNet with IBM’s cloud or Documentum/OpenText with their own proprietary SAAS environment.2017-08-25

What is Documentum architecture?

Documentum system architecture generally follows the architecture of a client/server model. This is the layer where the client performs the operations such as edit, create, and look up the document. Here in this layer, we can interact with the server layer i.e. the content server in order to get our task done.

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What is a content server?

Content-server definition Filters. A computer that stores content for the Internet. Content (news, sports, references, etc.) is differentiated from transaction data such as customer records and orders.

Is Documentum a document management system?

Documentum is Document Management software, which means that it provides a vault in which to store your documents. Rather than keeping their important files on a fileserver, companies put them in Document Management systems.

Is OpenText a Documentum?

In 2017, OpenText™ acquired Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division, a suite of leading Enterprise Content Management solutions, including the Documentum™, LEAP™, and InfoArchive™ product families.

What is content server in Documentum?

The Content Server provides an application programming interface (API) and therefore needs a layer in front of it to expose its capabilities to human users. Documentum provides desktop and web-based client applications and supports creation of custom applications of either type.

What is Documentum used for?

Documentum is Document Management software, which means that it provides a vault in which to store your documents. Rather than keeping their important files on a fileserver, companies put them in Document Management systems. Documentum is like a normal filesystem (hard drive) on steroids.

What is Documentum called now?


When did EMC acquire Documentum?


When did OpenText buy Documentum?

Is Documentum a database?

Documentum Server (formerly known as Documentum Content Server) The core platform manages content in a repository consisting of three parts: a content server, a relational database, and a place to store files.

What is D2 config?

Use the D2-Config application to: Configure workspaces. Create basic objects to create documents. Create additional objects to support specific document creation rules. Configure rules related to check out/in, auditing, importing and managing renditions and.

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What is DFC client?

Privileged DFC is the term used to refer to DFC instances that are recognized by Content Servers as privileged to invoke escalated privileges or permissions for a particular operation.

Is Documentum a content management system?

Documentum is an enterprise content management platform, now owned by OpenText, as well as the name of the software company that originally developed the technology.

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