Is summer a good time to go to Greece?

Is summer a good time to go to Greece?

The best time to visit Greece is outside the busy summer peaks, during spring (April to June) and early autumn (September and October). Temperatures are warm but not stifling, and you’ll find that destinations are open but still relatively quiet.

Is Athens too hot in July?

The weather in July is bright and sunny with blue skies shining overhead. It’s so sunny and warm, in fact, that the temperatures—which average about 81°F (27°C)—can sometimes feel sweltering. (July is actually the hottest month of the year).

What are the seasons like in Athens?

In Athens, the summers are hot, dry, and clear and the winters are long, cold, windy, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 42°F to 92°F and is rarely below 34°F or above 97°F.

How hot does Athens get?

Athens: Greece’s capital has a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and sometimes cold and wet winters. Temperatures average 84 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius) in August but can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius). It is the hottest capital city in Europe.2022-05-02

When was last time it snowed in Athens Greece?

What is Athens like in the summer?

Summer is Athens’ headline act. When the temperature heats up in July and August, so does the city’s nightlife. Most Athenian bars, clubs and cafés have been designed with summer in mind. Courtyards, rooftops, gardens and pavements everywhere overflow with locals and visitors.

What is winter like in Athens?

In December, the weather in Athens is usually mild. The average temperature is of 11.6 °C (53 °F), with a minimum of 8.5 °C (47.3 °F) and a maximum of 14.7 °C (58.4 °F). On the coldest nights of the month, the temperature usually drops to around 2.5 °C (36.5 °F). However, it dropped to -2 °C (28.4 °F) in December 2001.

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What to do in Athens when it’s too hot?

Spend a hot day in one of Athens’ top museums So now if you find yourself, let’s say in Monastiraki, Athens, you can take a quick break from sightseeing to fuel up with a tall (plastic, but oh well) glass of healthy, fruity goodness. Yums! Tip: Try Hymopoieio in Monastiraki or Pure Juice Bar in Kolonaki for starters.2016-07-23

What are the seasons in Athens?

Spring is March, April and May. Autumn months are September, October and November. Summer is July and August and is very hot average temperatures 29 °C or 84 °F. Winter is December, January and February and cold with average temperatures of 10 °C or 52 °F.

Is there winter in Athens?

Greece has an average temperature of 12°C during the winter month of December. Does it snow in Athens? Athens in Winter is quite pleasant but snowfall in Athens is quite rare. From 1990 to 2012 there has been an average of 500 days of snowfall which makes it 4.5 days per year on average.2021-12-27

Is July a good time to visit Athens?

The best times to visit Athens are between March and May and from September to November. Weather during these spring and fall months is agreeable and sunshine is pretty much a guarantee.

Is snow rare in Athens?

The storm named Elpida covered the capital of Greece, Athens, with heavy snow, which is very rare for the city. Athens usually experiences only small snowfalls.2022-01-26

How hot does Athens get in summer?

Summer is hot and sunny; in fact, Athens in summer is the hottest capital of Europe. In July and August, the temperature quite easily reaches 35/36 °C (95/97 °F), but during heatwaves, it can reach as high as 40 °C (104 °F).

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What is there to do in Athens heat?

Visit a museum or cultural center That way, when the heat is strongest, you can be indoors enjoying the heaven-sent air conditioning. The Benaki, the Museum of Cycladic Art and the National Archaeological Museum are perfect places to stay cool while getting some culture.2018-08-05

Does it snow every year in Greece?

While it is relatively rare for the islands to see snow, and only get it once every few years, in the mainland snow is a regular phenomenon. In fact, Northern Greece gets snow yearly. Snowfalls can begin as early as November, if it’s a particularly heavy winter, and end as late as April.2021-01-22

Are Greek islands too hot in August?

Greek Islands Weather in August: The temperatures remain about the same in August as they did in July. It will be hot during the day, and rather balmy at night too, with low temperatures relatively high at 23°C.2022-01-13

Is Athens nice in winter?

Athens In Winter Is A Great Place To Escape The Bitter Cold & Soak Some Sun In 2022. The city of Athens by no means let you go through the monotony. Every moment spent in Athens in winter are cherishing throughout its entire existence. Once you come to Athens, you will witness the depth of its beauty from near.2021-12-27

How hot is Athens in July?

July is a hot summer month in Athens, Greece, with average temperature varying between 30.9°C (87.6°F) and 23.3°C (73.9°F). The perfect water temperature of 25.8°C (78.4°F) with 5mm (0.2″) of accumulated rainfall and only 2.9 rainfall days, makes July a great period for swimming and other water activities.

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Is Athens cold in winter?

It’s a quickly changing weather. Typically January and February *should* be cold, 6 – 7 days of rain per month, rare snow, around 6 – 12C, 42 – 55F. Nevertheless it may be colder or even significantly warmer.

What is the hottest month in Athens?

The hottest month of the year in Athens is July, with an average high of 91°F and low of 73°F. The cool season lasts for 4.1 months, from November 24 to March 27, with an average daily high temperature below 62°F. The coldest month of the year in Athens is January, with an average low of 42°F and high of 55°F.

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