What happens if a Railcard doesn’t come in time?

What happens if a Railcard doesn’t come in time?

You will need to wait 7 working days, then go to ‘Manage my Railcard’ on the 16-25 Railcard website homepage to log in to your account and apply for a replacement. Once logged in, click on ‘Details’ under your active 16-25 Railcard, then click on ‘Replace Railcard (Lost or stolen)’.

What counts as a mature student?

A “mature student” is usually applicants who are over 19 years old and do not have a high school diploma or GED. Adults can apply to attend colleges or universities as mature students. Applications by mature students are evaluated differently from applicants who have just finished high school.2021-01-19

How do I add my railcard to my phone?

Open the app*, and tap on the “+” symbol in the top right hand corner to get started. Select “Add an existing Railcard” at the top of the screen. Enter the download code you received in an email titled “Your digital Railcard download code”, and click continue.

How do I add my railcard to online?

You will need to click “Manage my Railcard” on the website homepage to log in to your account. Once logged in, click on ‘Details’ under your active digital 16-25 Railcard, then click on ‘Manage Digital Devices’ to request a new download code or manage the number of devices your Railcard is on.

How do I add two together railcard to Apple Wallet?

Once logged in, click on ‘Details’ under your active digital Two Together Railcard, then click on ‘Manage Digital Devices’. You will need to click on ‘Request a new code for your Railcard’ to generate a new download code.

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How long does a Santander Railcard take to come?

5-7 working days

How do I get my Santander Railcard online?

How do I get my Santander 16-25 Railcard? A: Once you have received your promotional code via a message within Santander’s Online Banking Service, go to the Santander 16-25 Railcard portal by clicking on https://secure.santander-railcard.co.uk and follow the instructions on the screen.

Can you add Railcard to Apple pay?

Can I have a Season Ticket, child rate Ticket or Railcard discount added to my Apple Pay device? No. However customers can still use their Apple Pay devices to purchase a discounted travel ticket from any National Rail ticket office where contactless payments are accepted.2020-05-29

How long does it take for a Railcard to come in the post?

If you have ordered a plastic 16-25 Railcard online, please allow up to 5 working days for delivery. If you paid for ‘Special Delivery’ and placed your order before 15:45pm, your Railcard will be delivered within two days (Monday to Thursday) or three days (Friday to Sunday).

Can you buy a digital Railcard?

Digital Railcard can be bought online only. Please click on ‘Buy Now’ on the website homepage to get started. When you get to the question ‘Choose the type of Railcard you would like’, select ‘Digital’ and follow the instructions on the screen to continue with your purchase.

Can you get a student Railcard as a mature student?

If you are aged 26-30 years old and still in full-time education, you can choose whether to buy a 26-30 Railcard, or buy a 16-25 Railcard as a mature student. Mature students who are over the age of 30, can only choose the 16-25 Railcard option and apply as a mature student.

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Where can I find my Santander railcard download code?

You need a digital Railcard download code to add your Railcard to your device. You can find this code in the email we send after you complete your Railcard application.

Is the Railcard app not working?

Please try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, you will have to request a new download code however. You can do this by logging into your account selecting manage and there you can request a new code. This should not happen as the result of an ‘update’.

Can you put your Railcard on your phone?

Digital Railcards are stored within the Railcard app on your smart phone or tablet, meaning there’s no need to carry the physical card around with you. They can be stored on up to two devices and used quicker than plastic Railcards as they do not need to be sent in the post.

Do you need to show Railcard on train?

Yes. You must show your valid 16-25 Railcard (digital or plastic) when you buy your ticket and travel on the train. If you bought your Railcard at a station, both the paper printed Railcard and the photocard must be presented.

Can I add my Railcard to my Apple Wallet?

The Railcard App is available to download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The App is only compatible with devices that have the following software: Apple iOS 10 and above and Android 4.1 and above. The Railcard app is not compatible with Windows Phones.

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Can I get a digital copy of my Santander Railcard?

Please note that the Santander 16-25 Railcard is not available in digital format.

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