What is HMC?

What is HMC?

The Hardware Management Console (HMC) is simply a desktop or rack-mounted computer, very similar to the kind that most of us use every day. What makes an HMC different from other personal computers is that the HMC is connected to other computer systems.

How do I retrieve an element from Endevor?

To retrieve an element, enter the information for the action, enter R in the Option field, and press Enter. To retrieve an element from an Element Selection List (applies when you set the DISPLAY LIST option to Y), enter the information for the action, leave the Option field blank, and press Enter.

How do I promote a package in Endevor?

When the New Endevor Package View window opens, select Promotion only from the Promotion package list. This filter returns only promotion packages. Expand the filter that is created, right-click the promotion package for which you want to view the promotion package history, and select View promotion package history.

What is a Changeman?

Changeman is a comprehensive system designed by Serena software, which is used to develop and install various types of source code, and source code changes into the MVS system.

How do I rename a component in ChangeMan package?

In Changeman one cannot rename it directly. If anyone has made any changes in component then just go to your PDS then rename it and then again stage it from dataset(not from production to keep the code change in ur component).26 Nov 2007

What is support element in mainframe?

The Support Element (SE) console acts as the single point of control for one IBM Z mainframe. It is physically connected to the processor and located in a CPC frame. For HMC cluster communication, it is attached to the IBM processor LAN and can be accessed from your IP business network, if configured so.

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What is PR SM in mainframe?

In mainframe computing PR/SM (Processor Resource/System Manager) is a type-1 Hypervisor (a virtual machine monitor) that allows multiple logical partitions to share physical resources such as CPUs, I/O channels and LAN interfaces; when sharing channels, the LPARs can share I/O devices such as direct access storage

What is HMC interface?

An HMC interface, defined by the Host Interface parameter, has a set of required parameters that you must provide so that the record is read correctly, and also a set of optional parameters.

What is Endevor package?

ENDEVOR packages are used move code from stage “U”to “P” (UAT to Production. The ENDEVOR TSO ID TS51NDR has the authority to move code into PRODUCTION as long as it has the appropriate approvals. The reason packages are named “PR”, is to control what LPAR they are executed on.

Where is LPAR in mainframe?

Mainframe CPU

What is Endeavour tool?

Endevor is an integrated set of management tools for automating, controlling, and monitoring the mainframe software development lifecycle. Endevor is used to maintain software applications and track their versions. In Endevor, source code and related code objects are known as Elements.

What is Endevor SCM?

Endevor provides a standardized, reliable and automated approach to securing and managing your software assets. Designed to automate the development process, Endevor governs software change from the very first line of modified code through deployment with change tracking.

How do I find my LPAR name in mainframe?

Use the SHOW SYSINFO command to show information about the LPAR where the Workload Automation Programming Language job is running. This is useful to determine the correct values to be set for OPTIONS TRACKERS . where: SYSNAME.

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What does IBM LPAR stand for?

logical partition

What is HMC in mainframe?

Hardware Management Console (HMC) is a Physical / Virtual appliance used to manage IBM Systems including IBM AS/400, IBM System p, IBM System z, and IBM Power Systems. HMC supports command line (ssh) as well as web (https) user interfaces and REST API.

What is HMC data?

This task backs up (or archives) the data that is stored on your Hardware Management Console (HMC) hard disk that is critical to support HMC operations. Back up the HMC data after changes are made to the HMC or information that is associated with logical partitions.5 Feb 2021

How do I cast a package in Endevor?

The Package Options menu appears. Enter the package name, leave the PACKAGE ID field blank to display a Package Selection List, or enter a name mask. Enter 3 (Cast) in the OPTION field and press Enter. The Cast Package panel appears.

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