Who is Stone Island owned by?

Who is Stone Island owned by?

TEMASEK. Temasek, investment company based in Singapore, acquired the 30% of Sportswear Company S.p.A., that owns the Stone Island brand.

Is Stone Island a UK brand?

Stone Island is an Italian luxury men’s apparel and accessories brand. It was established in 1982 in Ravarino. In December 2020, Stone Island was acquired by the Italian fashion house Moncler.

What brand bought Stone Island?


Who wore Stone Island first?


Where is Stone Island brand from?

Ravarino, Italija

Are Stone Island sweatshirts good quality?

Indeed, the Stone sweater stands out for its design quality. Usually made in a very good quality cotton, the Stone Island sweater is a must-have that reveals itself thanks to an assertive style.

Who bought Moncler?

The brand was bought by Italian entrepreneur Remo Ruffini in 2003, transforming and reinventing the near-bankrupt company, and listing it on the Milan Stock Exchange in 2013. In December 2020, Moncler purchased a 100% stake of Italian luxury sportswear brand Stone Island in a reported €1.15 billion acquisition.

Who invented Stone Island?

Massimo Osti

Are Stone Island jackets worth it?

Is Stone Island worth the price? Stone Island is pricey there is no denying it, but it’s not fast fashion that will be destined for the rubbish dumps. High-quality clothes do last a lifetime and that’s what you pay for. These are amazing quality, unique and technical pieces worthy of any wardrobe.

Are Stone Island jackets waterproof?

Stone Island Lightweight & Rain Jackets Explore lightweight and waterproof jackets for men from Stone Island, which effortlessly combine practicality with an assuredly stylish aesthetic. This contemporary brand is heavily inspired by military uniforms and workwear.

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Is Stone Island Made in Indonesia?

Stone Island is an Italian luxury men’s apparel and accessories brand. It was established in 1982 in Ravarino.

What material is Stone Island made of?

A super light canvas weaved nylon fabric treated externally with a glossy resin finish. The garment dyeing procedure gives the material a three-dimensional appearance enhancing its shine. The addition of a special agent to the dye formula makes the piece anti-drop.

Does Stone Island have good quality?

Being an Italian brand Stone Island has always been know for high-quality clothes that last and are stylish.

Who manufactures Stone Island?

In December 2020, Moncler acquired a majority stake in Stone Island for a reported €1.15 billion.

Is Stone Island a British brand?

Stone Island is an Italian label named after Joseph Conrad novels founded by Massimo Osti in 1982 and co-run with Carlo Rivetti since 1983. Early on, the brand established itself in the market thanks to a heavily-stonewashed, tarpaulin-like fabric called Tela Stella.

Why is Stone Island so popular?

As time went on and subcultures shifted, Stone Island stayed exactly where it was through movements like the acid house and rave scene. But it was a 2014 collaboration with American streetwear giant, Supreme, that catapulted the brand’s popularity across the pond and into the mainstream.2021-10-12

What made Stone Island popular?

Since the introduction of Tela Stella, Stone Island has become famous for its innovative fabrics. Among the highlights of their experiments (including a jacket made of stainless steel Teflon fibers) is the famed Ice jacket.

Has Moncler bought Stone Island?

The deal, first announced in December of last year, will give Moncler the entire share capital of Stone Island and its parent Sportswear Company S.p.A. (SPW). The final 30 percent of the purchase is worth around €345 million ($419 million).2021-02-23

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What are Stone Island jackets made of?

stainless steel fibers

Where are Stone Island products made?

Every prototype is made first in the Ravarino headquarters. If Stone Island has to outsource manufacturing, it will install the machines in the manufacturer’s factory and tutor its workforce. Most products that are made elsewhere are made in white fabric, and come back to Italy to be dyed at Stone Island’s facilities.2018-05-10

Where are Stone Island jackets made?


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