Why is Google not showing my recent searches?

Why is Google not showing my recent searches?

Go to the Google search bar and tap the ‘G’ icon in the upper left corner. Click the 3 lines where the ‘G’ was, and navigate to ‘Settings’. Go to ‘Accounts & Privacy’, ‘Google activity controls’, then ‘Web & App Activity’. If it says ‘Paused’, click on the little switch and go through the pop-up information.22 Aug 2019

Where have my recent searches gone?

Go to Google’s My Activity page. Login to your Google account associated with your Google Chrome browser. After the login, you can view all your past browsing history on My Google Activity page. You can browse through days and months, check recently visited web pages, etc.

How can I see deleted Google activity?

Recover the deleted browsing history in this way. Open a web page in Google Chrome. Type in the link https://www.google.com/settings/ When you enter your Google Account, you will see the list of everything that Google has recorded from your browsing activity.

Why does my Google history keep disappearing?

Your Chrome history has disappeared if the browser settings related to history weren’t correct. To restore the history in Chrome, you can try to check the User data folder for previous versions. Switch to another browser and prevent this problem from happening again.

Why is my Google search history not showing up?

Another problem may be that you’ve set your history for automatic deletion. This account change is done on the My Activity page. Google lets its users turn off the history for their accounts. No history will appear because Google isn’t storing your search history if this is turned off.

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How long does it take Google to delete activity?

Complete deletion of data from our servers is equally important for users’ peace of mind. This process generally takes around 2 months from the time of deletion. This often includes up to a month-long recovery period in case the data was removed unintentionally.

How do I turn on recent searches on Google?

Manage your Google Account. Tap Data & personalization. Under “Activity controls,” tap Web & App Activity. Turn Web & App Activity on or off.

What happened to my recent searches on Google?

Here is what you need to do: Open your browser and write “My Activity” in the search bar to access the activity page. Google My Activity should pop up as the top result. If not, find it and click on it.

Why does my Iphone not show search history?

Settings -> Safari -> Clear History and Website Data -> Clear History and Data. Works for me. It was reported that the browser history can be seen by tapping on the bookmark tab in Safari, then tapping on the glasses tab on the right of that area. This will show your browsing history.12 Nov 2020

Why do my Google searches keep disappearing?

When the search bar on your browser changes from Google to another search provider, or disappears altogether, it’s usually caused by another application changing your search engine settings, sometimes without your permission.

Can you recover deleted Google activity?

If you’ve already deleted your browsing history in Google Chrome, you can still access it via your Google account. The only requirement is that you need to have been signed into Chrome with your Google account during the period you want to search your browsing history.

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Does Google activity delete itself?

If you find “Auto-delete (On),” Google automatically deletes your Web & App Activity, which includes your Search history, after a specific time period. To change the time period or turn it off, tap Auto-delete (On).

Why is my search history not showing up?

Run CCleaner to clear Internet cache and then restart IE. Now open Internet Options > General tab > Browsing history settings. Ensure that Delete browsing history on exit is un-checked. Also click Settings and see that the Days to keep pages in history is set at 20 days.23 Jan 2020

How can I retrieve deleted browsing history?

Inside the Chrome folder, right-click on the User data folder and select Restore Previous Version. It will open the User Data Properties window. Select the User Data folder that you want to restore and click on the Restore button.17 Nov 2021

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